Waka Coffee Kenyan Black Instant Tea 4.5 oz Bag (225 Servings)

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Skip the line at the coffee shop, save the steeping time, and make your own iced tea (or hot) as strong as you like it with our Waka Coffee Quality Instant Tea.

-QUALITY TEA LEAVES: Made of 100% single origin premium black tea leaves from Kenya. Only a pinch of powder is needed to make a delicious cup of tea.
-PURE TASTE: Our black tea powder is unsweetened and made without the use of artificial colors, carriers, or fillers. Contains only one ingredient: quality black instant tea.
-DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Tastes like a fresh brew. Bold, full body, with notes of fruitiness. Great to drink black or with milk and or sugar. The best solution for easy homemade iced tea.
-EASY TO MAKE: No steeping or brewing required. Simply pour our quality instant tea in your cup or mug, pour hot or cold water, stir, and enjoy! The tea powder will dissolve in your water in seconds. Forget about boiling water, save steeping time, and say goodbye to soggy tea bags.
-SAVES WELL: Our premium instant tea is packaged in a bag with a convenient resealable zipper to save your instant tea when stored. Includes about 225 servings of our recommended amount of instant tea per mug (1/8 tsp). Packaged in California.

Your New Best Tea:-
After the success of our quality instant coffee, we want to help people enjoy drinking tea more easily as well. Our premium instant tea is great for busy mornings, camping, traveling, and much more.

Pure Black Tea:-
We only source instant tea made of 100% tea leaves. Enjoy the same benefits of steeped tea in the form of premium powder.

Single Origin Tea:-
We source only single origin instant tea to preserve the unique flavor of tea grown in that region. This quality instant tea is from Kenya. We offer the same beloved taste of steeped tea with less hassle.

- Our quality instant tea is fast to make. No need to wait for your tea to steep or boil water if you want iced tea – just add water.
- It easily dissolves right into your drink, leaving no cleanup or tea bag waste.
- This instant tea bag includes 4.5 oz of our best instant tea, which yields more than 225 servings.
- Eco-friendly solution: No more tea bag waste, lighter weight for less carbon emissions, and 4% of our proceeds go to funding clean water projects through our "Add Water, Give Water" program.

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