Giving Back

Ascent Outdoors, along with our sister company Miyar Adventures, is dedicated to creating safe and fulfilling outdoor opportunities for everyone. 


Mission Statement: to make climbing, backpacking, skiing, and mountaineering accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We work towards achieving our mission by focusing on these pillars.

1. Aiding in the inclusion of marginalized groups in the outdoor space.

2. Promoting safety in the backcountry.

3. Providing an educational and welcoming space where our community can connect with each other and learn from our experts.

4. Supporting the conservation and health of the ecosystems we play in. We believe in carbon neutrality.


None of these goals would be achievable without our partners. These partners include a variety of non-profit and for-profit groups all of which share our core values. Our partnerships range from event hosting to financial support and volunteer work, and we are always looking for new ways to be an additive member of the community.


Here are some of the ways Ascent Outdoors and Miyar Adventures have been giving back to the community!

2022 highlights included:

  • Sponsoring the 19th annual WTA Hike-a-Thon to raise money to maintain and create Washington hiking trails
  • Partnership with The Gnardasians, a documentary featuring an all-women’s ski crew
  • Hosted our first fundraiser for Outdoors For All
  • Donated to over 15 different organizations’ events and fundraisers

2021 highlights included:

  • Miyar Adventures supported the running of Climbers of Color courses while Ascent Outdoors supplied them with discounted gear.
  • Organizing fundraising trips for Asha For Education.
  • Hosting our annual, pre-ski season, NWAC fundraiser.
  • Donating gift cards or services to over 10 different auctions supporting non-profits that align with our mission.

2020 highlights included:

  • The Seattle St. Francis House donations box for clothing, footwear, and other miscellaneous items for the homeless community. Anything not accepted into our used department can be donated now!
  • Co-hosting the Women's Speaker Series with Outdoor Women's Alliance.
  • Participating with Sustainable Ballard to support small local businesses.
  • Co-hosting Avalanche Awareness classes with Northwest Avalanche Center.


Non-Profits We Support

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    Local Business Partners

    Without the support of our local business partners, our giving back to the community wouldn't have been nearly as large! You will often see us partnering up with these businesses to host films, events, or "how-to" classes.


    Strive & Uplift Gym



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