Vauhti Pure One Cold Liquid Glide


Stock the cupboards with this general-purpose fluoro-free liquid glide wax. A fantastic everyday wax for recreational and active skiers who don't have time for complicated waxing procedures. PURE ONE fluoro-free liquid glide waxes are based on high-quality hydrocarbon ingredients. Also great for base preparation and maintenance for racing your racing skis. PURE ONE COLD is for temperatures below 0C.

-Comes in a 80mL bottle with a leak resistant foam dabber for easy application.
-Replaces the old LF liquid line
-This liquid takes about 15min to dry before you can begin brushing off excess residue
-Try to apply this wax the night before for extra durability. The wax continues to cure the longer it sits on the base
-Or better yet, get into the habit of apply this liquid right after skiing so it's ready for the next outing

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