Vauhti Pure Clean & Glide

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PURE CLEAN & GLIDE cleans your skis' glide zones from dirt and maintains the base by creating a hard and dirt-resistant coating. Fantastic to have all this in one bottle! Always start a new waxing session by cleaning the ski base with PURE CLEAN & GLIDE. Dab the liquid onto the ski with the bottle's sponge attachment and wipe down with a clean cloth until it comes away clean. Once clean, let the ski base dry for around 10-15 minutes. Doing this cleaning procedure vastly improves the absorption of wax layers applied on top since the dirt and old wax can really clog up the base if not removed. The product also improves the durability of waxes applied on top due to the hardening compounds it contains. Again, really amazing to have this all in one bottle!

-Comes in a 80mL bottle with a leak resistant foam dabber for easy application. Or in a 500mL bottle for refills or for high-volume users.
-This liquid takes about 10min to dry before you can begin brushing off excess residue and applying your next coat
-Try to apply this wax the night before for extra durability. The wax continues to cure the longer it sits on the base
-Or better yet, get into the habit of apply this liquid right after skiing so it's ready for the next outing
-Solvents in the liquid wax also go a fantastic job of brining up dirt and old wax

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