Unparallel Flagship Women's LV


The Flagship is all-encompassing, from pinpoint precision footwork on high-grade, outdoor sport routes, to low-percentage toe hooks in competition finals. This new women’s version has been designed for women and low-volume climbers, with a 3D molded toe cap and heel outsole in VC Pro high-friction rubber compounds. The front outsole is made from die-cut RS rubber. By separating the outsole on the low-volume fit, we’ve achieved maximum stiffness/ridigity and power to the toe while maintaining sensitivity and feel to the rest of the foot without extra volume. This allows for micro body adjustments without transferring movement to the toe. This is a true women-specific, high-performance, low-volume shoe.

3.5mm RS rubber (die-cut front outsole)/RH rubber (heel outsole)
VC Pro rubber molded 3D toe patch
Midsole stiffness: Hard
Unlined synthetic upper

Size: US 5-14 / EU 37-48.5
Fit: Aggressive downturn

Upper: Synthetic
Insole: Synthetic
Tongue: Elastic
Strap: Webbing
RS rubber/VC Pro rubber

Single Velcro strap

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