Sol Fire Lite Kit In Dry Bag

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Be ready to start a fire in an emergency with the SOL Fire Lite fire-starting kit. It includes a Micro Sparker, 12 Tinder Quik™ fire starters and a 10 ft. Utility Tinder Cord in a waterproof dry bag.
-Fire Lite™ Micro Sparker allows windproof, one-handed operation and can produce over 5,000 sparks
-12 Tinder Quik fire starters are lightweight, catch fire quickly and can be used in all weather
-10 ft. length of Utility Tinder Cord features a waxed cotton core—use a piece to light a stove
-Waterproof gear bag keeps supplies dry
*Technical Specs
Best Use - Backpacking
Dimensions - 6.9 x 5.8 x 0.8 inches
Weight - 0.38 ounces

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