Snow Peak Grill Burner


The Grill Burner is a modular stove designed for slow-cooking meats and vegetables. The burner features a removable cast iron cooktop, stove, and saucer. To use, attach a fuel canister, light the stove through the small hole on the side, and press the auto igniter. Insert the Grill Burner into any IGT frame or use as a freestanding grill. Pair the Grill Burner with the Entry IGT Table for an intimate cooking experience.



  • Cast Iron Griddle that Cooks Thicker Steaks

  • Compatible with Takoyaki Plate & IGT Frames

  • Cooks Meat on Low High Slowly


  • Stove

  • Cast Iron Griddle

  • Saucer

  • Belt

  • Storage Bag


  • Stove: Stainless Steel, Brass, Zinc, Resin

  • Trap: Enameled Steel

  • Griddle: Cast Iron

  • Tags: Camp Kitchen Grills & Fuels Incoming Stoves