Nemo Dagger Gear Loft


Gear lofts provide the extra pockets and organization you’re looking for in your home off the beaten path. Tailored to the construction of the Dagger backpacking tent, this accessory attaches securely with glove hooks to interior webbing loop attachment points in the tent, and hangs close to the ceiling of the tent.

This gear loft increases your storage with multiple gear pockets and includes a Light Pockets to diffuse the light from your headlamp into an even glow. Gear lofts are also handy places to spread clothes out to dry while you sleep!


  • 8 pockets for stowing small things.
  • Can act as a platform to dry clothes while you sleep.
  • Includes a Light Pocket to turn headlamp into tent lantern.
  • Hooks securely into attachment points on the interior of the Dagger backpacking tent.
  • Tags: FP Shelter & Sleep Tent Accessories