Mountaineers Books An Outdoor Family Guide To Washington's National Park And Monument

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* Includes four major tourist destinations in scenic Washington
* Multi-activity, family-oriented guide
* Detailed access directions, plus hiking distance and difficulty

The possibilities are endless for family fun in Washington's four national parks. Using this complete guide, residents and tourists alike can discover the exciting activities and attractions found in these beautiful and easily accessible parks. From dramatic Mount Baker to lush Paradise near Mount Rainier, from the eerie moonscape of Mount St. Helens to the craggy beaches of the Olympic Peninsula, every destination offers unique rewards to those willing to explore.

In these vast Washington National parks families can enjoy hiking, biking, camping, rafting, interpretive programs, beach walking, tidepooling, photography, and wildlife viewing. Descriptions for trips include information on flora and fauna, history, safety, and tips on successful outdoor outings with children.
by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall

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