Hyperlamina Flame 21° Sleeping Bag Rental Ballard

  • $ 40.00


 We rent the Mountain Hardwear Hyperlamina Flame. This advanced synthetic sleeping bag concentrates heat around your core and feet for maximum warmth while sleeping. Instead of your usual side zipper, this bag has half length zipper in the front which is more efficient for entry and subtracts on additional and unnecessary weight. It is also made with an ultralight wind-resistant shell making this the warmest and lightest synthetic sleeping bag you can find.


Bag Fill: Synthetic

Weight: 2lb10oz

Stuff Size: 7in x 16in

Inside Length: 84in

Shoulder Girth: 66in

Hip Girth: 64in

Foot Girth: 41in

Temp Rating: 20 Degrees Fahrenheit


All sleeping bag rentals include a Sea to Summit sleeping bag liner. 

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