Mammut 9.5 Crag Classic Rope Classic Standard


9.5 Crag Classic Rope: the classic among MAMMUT single ropes. As an all-around rope, it is suitable for both sports climbing and traditional climbing. This first-class all-arounder incorporates the proven properties of our best-selling MAMMUT Infinity rope with a perfect balance of diameter, light weight and handling. This combination also allows the 9.5 Crag Classic Rope to achieve perfect performance.

Specifications for Mammut 9.5 Crag Classic Rope:
-Rope Diameter: 9.5 mm
-Impact Force: 8.8

Features of Mammut 9.5 Crag Classic Rope
-Sheath proportion: 40 %
-UIAA falls (single rope 80 kg): 6 - 7
-Impact force: 8.8
-Diameter: 9.5 mm
-UIAA dry test: 46 %
-Static elongation single rope: 8 %
-Stretch on first fall: 33 %
-Center mark
-Duodess version features a durable and always visible center mark
-Duodess version: ready to climb - tangle-free packing, no need to uncoil before use

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