Kuat Grip Clamshell Ski Rack


Ski/snowboard racks need to do one thing well: hold your stuff safely and securely. Ours does a lot more, and awesomely. Easy to install on any roof rails, handy slide-out feature to load and unload without climbing on your vehicle, and a look that says you don’t cut corners (but you do like to carve on the slopes).

♦Metal outer shell and premium gloss metallic powdercoat provide unmatched strength and finish
♦GripLock rubber securely holds skis or snowboards of varying sizes
♦FLIP™ MOUNT SYSTEM allows for quick install or removal
♦Large intuitive handle
Both GRIP and FLIP Mount System are fully locking
♦Slide out design makes for easy loading and unloading

♦4 Ski: 18 lbs.
♦6 Ski: 24 lbs.

♦4 Ski: 4 Skis/2 Snowboards, 160 lbs. max capacity
♦6 Ski: 6 Skis/4 Snowboards, 160 lbs. max capacity

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