Komperdell Explorer Compact Powerlock

  • $ 119.95


Our revolutionary Fxp folding poles are up to 30 % lighter, provide a rock solid connection between all segments and best of all, when released, the pole deploys completely on its own. The all-season poles are made for hiking, trailrunning, skitouring or fishing enthusiasts with focus on practicability! Solid Mechanical Connection - eliminates the usual rattle of a folding pole The latest generation of foldable poles ultralight and with dead certain connection technology


- Expedition short grip
- Padded strap
- 4-sections: Carbon, Ø 18/16 mm
- Powerlock 3.0 mechanism
- Fxp folding mechanism
- Fxp-UL Vario basket
- Tungsten/carbide flex tip

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