Komperdell Carbon C3 Compact


The Carbon C3 Carbon Compact is a 3-section ultralight (just 7 Oz ) carbon trekking pole with a Titanal.HF lower shaft that features two lightweight, durable and easy-to-use external locking mechanisms that allow you to adjust the length to suit your height and your terrain. The pole is also comes equipped with a Vario Trekking basket and a tungsten/carbide flex tip for grip on most surface, including ice. Suits shorter people with its shorter usable length and packed size.


  • Foam 280 grip
  • Padded strap reduces stress on your wrist
  • 3-section pole made from carbon shafts with a Titanal.HF lower shaft
  • Easy-to-use external Powerlock 3.0 adjustment mechanisms (even at extremely low temperatures and wearing gloves - just pop open, adjust length and snap back into place) which are made with high-density anodised aluminium
  • Vario trekking basket is interchangeable with Komperdell winter and summer baskets (not included)
  • Tungsten/carbide flex tip can bend up to about 30° without damaging the pole and has great grip on most surfaces, including ice
  • Using a pole allows you to apply the 4x4 principle: 21% less energy needed, enormous relief of the joints, easier breathing, enhanced stamina and more stability and security when using poles
  • Komperdell offers a 3 year repair service: No matter how it happened, they repair your pole, no questions asked, no receipt necessary, at absolutely no charge for you!
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