Kingpin 10 Bindings


Boot stops position the boot in the right place and make it easy to step in, regardless of the brand or model of boot. Simply push the toe of the boot up to the boot stops, apply pressure to the toes and you're already finished. The pins click securely into the inserts. The system will then only open if the pre-configured release force is produced.

Extraordinary in design, innovative in its technical execution. The highlights include the Sixpack springs for powerful grip of the boot — these toe pieces are unlike anything that's come before (six springs instead of four). An integrated crampon adapter is naturally also part of the standard version

The heel construction is a revolution for any PinTech binding, with contact points placed very wide and far apart to hold the boot heel along a broad surface on its outermost edge. This eliminates any wobble in the tipping forces used to initiate turns and lets power be transmitted smoothly via the binding into the ski. Because skis are primarily steered using impulses originating in the heel, the KINGPIN heel pieces are highly decisive in achieving maximum, highly direct power transmission, top control and pure bliss in the descent. This is another key benefit over previous PinTech bindings that transmit power via two simple metal pins positioned close to one another in the boot's heel, which leaves the boot seated in a highly wobbly manner, and builds a highly indirect path for the steering impulses to reach the ski.

Two different brakes are available for the KINGPIN (75-100 mm ski width and 100-125 mm ski width). Beyond the standard safety features, they are notable for one convenient feature: They automatically lock into place when in walk mode, and immediately reactivate when the binding is switched into ski mode. The brakes feature a notably large move-in, moving away from the traditional brake shape that sticks far out beyond the ski. The brakes are also quick and easy to replace.

Good climbing aids have one thing in common: Whatever the situation, they can be operated by feel, even when the skier can't see them clearly. Simplicity is a virtue here, and reduced exertion is even better. The KINGPIN wins hearts and minds through two integrated climbing aids (7° and 13°) that are easily deployed or stowed using the basket of the pole. They can also be operated conveniently using the tip of the pole, allowing them to work with any basket style. Because the climbing aids are positioned in the upper center of the heel piece, they are always easy to reach.

The refined locking/unlocking procedure for the heel piece is part of the binding's charm. Simply flip a lever, push down on the heel and you're good to go. The mechanism works with guaranteed reliability even in critical situations and challenging descents.

The KINGPIN offers release functionality and values comparable with those found on alpine bindings. Unlike most alpine bindings, side releases occur at the heel here, yet the energy, consistency and efficiency of the release on a PinTech binding are completely comparable with the standards for alpine bindings! The heel design with contact pressure and classical sole seat delivers perfect length compensation, preventing unintended releases or compromised ski flex. One major advantage of the KINGPIN in terms of safety comes through its ability to ski at any time in the unlocked position (lever on the heel in "ski," not "walk" position!) without risking accidental releases on hard surfaces or when making aggressive turns.

Safety is a top priority for MARKER even in these ultra-light, almost minimalistic PinTech bindings. The heel piece is one of the key components in this regard, offering all key functions of a high-tech safety binding and, together with the Sixpack toe piece (with six instead of the standard four pins), the KINGPIN Binding achieved TÜV based on DIN ISO 13992:2007! It is compatible with almost all touring ski boots featuring PinTech inserts and satisfying DIN ISO Norm 9523.


Brake width 75-100mm / 100-125mm
DIN RANGE 5.0 - 10.0
Rec Skiers weight 30 -105
Stand height toe w.o ski 21mm
Toe system Kingpin PinTech toe
Step-in Heel Kingpin heel
Color combination black - gold
Weight* w/o brake / w brake 650g / 730g
*per piece with screws

Category: alpine touring, binding

Type: Snowsports

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