Ignik Toe Warmers

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Ignik Toe Warmers were designed to address common shortcomings of similar air-activated warmers. The first objective was to improve reliability; some warmers don't seem to work consistently when you need them. Ignik developed robust packaging that keeps air out when not in use, which ensures the warmers inside always deliver safe, natural heat when activated - up to 10 hours each. The second goal was to minimize waste and reduce the impact used warmers have on the environment. Ignik Warmers are 98% biodegradable and the natural minerals inside can be composted. Each pair of Ignik Hand Warmers comes with a reusable AirBarrier bag that can save an unused warmer for later. Reliable, natural, long-lasting heat anytime hands are cold, such as outdoor sporting events, camping, hunting or taking Rover for a walk. Keep a supply in your home and car for emergencies. Contains 4 pair of individually packaged Foot warmers.

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