Garmin Tacx Galaxia Advanced Roller Trainer


In the Box

  • Galaxia Roller

Physical & Performance

Physical dimensions Max: 53.0" 19.7" (1350 x 500 mm)

18.1 lbs (8.2 kg)

Maps & Navigation

Basemap No
Ability to add maps No

Patented Swing System

The Galaxia relies on a swing system that ensures the rollers can swing forward and backward. When you start to sprint, switch pace or stand on the pedals, the system absorbs the sudden movement, so you don’t derail.

Feel Secure

For a more stable ride, conical rollers ensure your bike always remains in the middle of the roller.

Store with Ease

If you don’t have space to spare, don’t worry. Galaxia is retractable for easy storage.

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