Exped Mini Pump


Foam-activated mat pumps are an EXPED “firstovation” and Mini Pump is both extremely light (1.6 ounces) and compact (fits in the palm of the hand when stowed). It is included with a number of EXPED’s luxury camping mats, including MegMat. These mats are self-inflating by way of their open-cell foam cores, which draw air in when the inflate valve is opened, allowing the foam to expand. But to achieve a firm inflation, it’s necessary to pressurize the mat a bit by way of a pump.

This is where Mini Pump comes in.

For pumping, attach the end of the schnozzel tube to the valve on an EXPED mat, place a hand or foot over the intake holes on the top of the pump, and press down. Air moves from the pump, through the schnozzle tube and into the sleeping mat. As the hand or foot is raised up for the next stroke, foam inside the pump chamber expands, draws air in and another shot of air is ready to be pumped.

Every EXPED mat inflate valve is equipped with a one-way flapper, which keeps air from escaping the mat once it’s been pumped in. Mini Pump can also be used to inflate EXPED air chamber mats.


Thickness:- 3.5 in
Length:- 4.7 in
Weight:- 1.6 oz
Weight Packsack:- 0.1 oz
Packed height:- 6.3 in
Packed diameter:- 2 in
Pack volume:- 0.3 l
Product contents:- Mat, Packsack
Warranty:- 5 years
MSRP:- $20.00

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