Black Diamond Vapor Carbon Ski Poles


Designed for weight-conscious backcountry skiers and ski mountaineers, the Black Diamond Vapor Carbon Ski Pole packs essential features and strong, durable performance into one of the lightest ski poles on the market. The single-piece carbon shaft is now strengthened with glass fibers, and we’ve updated the pole with a new ultralight extended foam grip for extra comfort and a minimal hooked top for quick adjustments onto buckles and bindings.

  • 171 grams per pole (125 cm length)
  • 100% carbon fiber: 15.4 mm (0.6 in) one-piece shaft
  • Ultralight extended foam upper and lower grip
  • Indexed ferrule for 3/4 basket compatibility
  • 75mm (3in) Freeride Baskets
  • Tags: Alpine Touring FP Poles ZOH