BCA D-2 Ext W/ Folding Saw


The D-2 EXT w/Folding Saw is the ultimate tool for “strategic shoveling” and digging out stuck snowmobiles. The D-2 easily converts from traditional to hoe mode depending on the scenario. And the folding saw makes an effective tool for cutting tree limbs in an emergency or to extricate your sled from trees.

D2-EXT Dozer Avalanche Shovel with Folding Saw Features
-Extendable and packable.
-Positive slip-proof grips on both the shaft and blade.
-Bombproof, packable B-2 blade, oval shaft, and T6 heat treatment.
-Folding saw includes high strength polymer handle and 420 Stainless Steel taper-ground, razor teeth blade.
-Recommended for carrying with sled gear on your snowmobile in the MtnPro Tunnel Bag.

SKU - C1716001010
Size - 1SZ
Weight - 2.1 lb / 947 g
Blade Shaft Material - 6061 T6 Aluminum
Total Saw Length - 15 in / 38 cm
Collapsed Length - 18 in / 46cm
Warranty - 3 Year

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