1 Day Intro to Rock Climbing at Exit 38 | August 12 | $175

Ascent Outdoors

We are excited to have joined forces with Mountain Madness to offer a series of guided excursions just for you. 

Join us for a tour of the excellent sport climbing of Exit 32 & 38, which are less than an hour drive from Seattle. Develop your skills and focus on your personal goals. For sport climbers, the nearby vicinity of North Bend allows for an easy, quick escape from Seattle. Our guides will show you where to climb here and set you up on the area classics. This is a great intro to outdoor climbing.

This program offers an opportunity for first time climbers as well as those with some indoor rock climbing experience to try climbing outside. We begin with friction climbing to develop your balance, and then we incorporate both face and crack climbing techniques before progressing to more challenging climbs.

You will learn safe climbing protocols under the guidance of experienced and supportive instructors. It is our intent to educate, encourage and enlighten you in the rewards and pure fun of rock climbing. Equipment, belays, anchors, knots, rappelling and lowering are covered.

Location: North Bend, Washington is located east of Seattle via I-90. Driving time from Seattle is approximately 40 minutes. Classes meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Iron Goat Parking lot off Exit 38. To get to Mt Washington take the east bound Exit 38 from Interstate 90. At the bottom of the off ramp turn right, drive about 150 meters and take another right onto a dirt road to the parking area.

Type: Event

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