Boot Fitting Service

Boot Work

Without proper fitting ski boots, your day out in the mountains could be ruined. Here at Ascent Outdoors we want to ensure that our customers are comfortable while having fun in the outdoors. With the training and support of Masterfit University we proudly offer a fit guarantee. This means that our trained staff will work with you to identify what you want to get out of your boots, assess the unique characteristics of your feet, and get you outside in the boot that is right for you.

What is our Fit Guarantee?

Here at Ascent Outdoors we want our customers to feel confident when making a major purchase, therefore after we identify that a boot is the correct shell size and shape we offer a one-year fit guarantee. This includes any additional work that is required to make the boot work for your feet (e.g. punches, grinding, fit tools, etc.).

Custom Sidas Footbed Guarantee:

We offer a 60-day fit guarantee with our custom Sidas footbeds. Try them out and you will have 60 days to return them for modifications or your money back!


From October 15 to March 15, appointments are encouraged but not required. After March 15, we ask that you call and make an appointment, as we don't always staff a ski bootfitter during the spring and summer months. 


 Custom Footbeds $160-190 - 20% off with eligible purchase
Fit Assessment $30*
Shell Punch $15 per punch*
Fit Tools $10-15*
Boot Mold $50*

*Included with eligible purchase