Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 Ready2Climb 140mm CF V2

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The Pomoca Ready2Climb skins come in two widths and five lengths for quick, precise adjustment on the ski. Only the middle needs to be trimmed with the included trimming tool.

Pomoca Adhesive
The classic adhesive layer for strong adhesion to the ski.

The Pomoca Formula
A precisely formulated, a secret blend of nylon and mohair for perfect freeride performance. Low sliding resistance coupled with outstanding grip.

SSUL Membrane
An extra-light membrane between the sliding layer and the adhesive layer of the skins provides a durable skin that's feather light with limited pack volume

Ever Dry
A PFC-free coating ensures that the skins' sliding surface is extra water-repellent.

Glide Pro Treatment
A high-quality treatment for the sliding surface on the skins that guarantees reduced sliding resistance.



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