STAFF PICKS: Top Crampons for Mountaineers - Spring 2022

STAFF PICKS: Top Crampons for Mountaineers - Spring 2022

When mountaineering, crampons are at the top of the list of gear you need to stick each step on the way to the summit. These bad boys give mountain climbers the traction they need to safely travel, not just on ice, but across snow and glacier fields.

Choosing Crampons
They may look alike, but specific crampon builds, bindings, and materials serve specific purposes. We won't get into the finer details of that in this post, but we WILL link you to this very handy informational guide on How To Choose Crampons written by guide Glen Young over at Miyar Adventures, our sister guiding company. Check it out for details and come visit us so we can help you make the best choice for your next adventure!

Our Staff Picks
We always keep an assortment of crampons in stock and ensure that we've selected and vetted a models for different uses and preferences. These pics represent our favorites from the Spring/Summer 2022 selection. 

Irvis Crampon

Petzl Irvis: A 10-point mountaineering crampon, the Irvis's compact front section is an excellent fit on the front sole of AT ski boots and smaller feet (<women's 7, men's 8). 
Best for: Glacier travel, basic mountaineering, and modularity

Alpinist Crampon
Camp/Cassin Alpinist: A highly technical crampon using an innovative linking bar to fit modern mountaineering boots and provide the most stable fit of any horizontal front-point ever made. 
Best forTechnical alpine climbing, mountaineering, and larger boots

Blade Runner Crampon 
Blade Runner: The most technical waterfall ice climbing crampon on the market. Proprietary steel, inter-changeable front points, maximal adjustability, and an asymmetrical frame + linking bar deliver stability and confidence.  
Best forTechnical ice & alpine climbing

Grivel Air Tech Crampon
Grivel Air Tech: The durability of steel, for less weight and a modest price. 
Best for: Mountaineering, glacier travel, and lightweight durability

Camp Ascent Crampon
Camp/Cassin Ascent: Minimalist steel crampon with aggressive front points for speed on light and fast ascents or stable footwork in general mountaineering. 
Best forLightweight glacier travel & basic
Camp/Cassin Skimo Crampon
Camp/Cassin SkiMo: THE superlight, go-to crampon for AT boots: a fool-proof toe welt and micro-adjustability ensures a fit to almost any boot, the SkiMo is available in hyperlight aluminum (Race) or proprietary Sandvik Nanoflex steel (Tour). 
Best forUltralight ski mountaineering & A-T boots
Black Diamond Sabretooth Crampon
Black Diamond Sabertooth: Bristling with serrated traction underfoot and aggressive front points, the Sabretooth crampons are stainless steel tank-treads under your feet.  
Best forGlacier travel & mountaineering 

Petzl Dart Crampon
Petzl Dart: A nimble favorite for ice and drytooling due to its light weight and adjustable front point configurations, the Dart floats up mixed climbs and 3D, featured ice like chandeliers and snow mushrooms.  
Best forIce climbing & dry
Haute Route Crampon
Grivel Haute Route: A reliable 10-point ski mountaineering crampon with a weight-saving aluminum heel piece and durable steel front. 
Best for: Ski mountaineering & AT boots.