Climbing Skills Geek out Session

Climbing Skills Geek out Session

Do you know the difference between dyneema and nylon or why carabiners are shaped the way they are? Do you know the munter mule overhand or how tie off your belay device?  Do you know how to extend your belay or redirect your lower?  

If these are new concepts, then the SPI course is a perfect fit for you. Even seasoned veterans will find many of the concepts taught useful as they will make you a safer, more efficient climber. So, whether you're a weekend warrior or an aspiring rock climbing guide, the Single Pitch Instructor Course will not only teach you the specifics of becoming a professional rock climbing instructor but will also expand your knowledge and proficiency as a rock climber.

Who- Rock Climbers

When- August 30 | Doors: 7:30 Show: 7:45 

Where- Second Ascent  

Brews from NW Peaks Brewery 

Event is FREE

About Mountain Madness:

Mountain Madness has been combining the physical challenge of climbing and trekking with the cultural and aesthetic experiences of the wildest places on earth for more than 25 years. They provide the highest quality experience for beginner and advanced mountaineers and trekkers alike.

American Mountain Guide Association:

As the leading organization of America’s most vibrant, inspiring community of climbers and skiers, the AMGA offers you cutting edge knowledge and hundreds of years of collective experience that you won’t get from any other climbing organization.

Vision: To provide renowned, world-class training and certifications to our guides and aspiring guides