Rivendell Packs

Rivendell Packs

Made in Monroe, WA by elves, "the micro-cottage" company, Rivendell Mountain Works has focused on one thing and that's function over trendiness. Rivendell has stuck to their roots as a low production pack company making aesthetically beautiful packs made for around town or long days in the mountain. So whether you need a pack for your laptop and books or for an afternoon jaunt up a dusty trail, Rivendell is sure to provide optimum comfort & style that's sure to last. 

Mariposa Summit Deluxe 

 Capacity: 2040 cu. in. Weight: 1lb 8oz

Uncluttered simplicity and streamlined functionality.


Hidden Inner pocket, foam backing and added hydration sleeve that can alternately be used to stow a laptop.


The leather barbells are aesthetically pleasing and fully functional with the help of heavy nylon thread double sewn with extra tacking at the stress points. RMW also does all of their own leather cutting from a local supplier.

Lupine Deluxe Pack

Capacity: 1300 cu. in. Weight 1lb 4oz

Original design true to the vintage 1970's styling.


Domestically produced Codura.


Double sewn seams in high stress areas. 


EVA padded shoulder straps with nickel plated steel buckles. 


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