Now Offering Ski & Snowboard Tuning Services

Now Offering Ski & Snowboard Tuning Services

 If you’re like us, you probably love skiing. It doesn’t matter if there’s a heat wave in the middle of July or if the conditions in a rocky couloir are less than ideal. And from time to time Pacific Northwest conditions can be cruel. Because regular maintenance is vital to the overall health and efficiency of your skis, we are excited to announce that we are adding ski tunes to the list of services we provide here at Ascent Outdoors.


               Damaged Base                  After p-tex application, Base Grind & Stone Grind

P-Tex/Base Repair

Fixes gouges and small core shots to seal your bases and get them looking like new.

We use a base welder to manicure the effected areas to ensure maximum adhesion of the p-tex. We then hand file excess p-tex and then finish it off with a full tune

Base Grinding

Base grinds flatten out worn bases with a wide sanding belt and removes superficial scratches and prepares ski for stone grind.


Stone Grinding (does not apply to snowboards)

Stone grinding imparts new base structure to a newly ground base allowing for reduced friction and suction while increasing glide.



Base & Edge Beveling

We grind to industry standard and finish off the edges with a hand file and a diamond stone. We then de-tune tip and tail to avoid “grabby skis". Base and edge beveling increases edge grip and removes nicks, burrs, rust and other imperfections from your edges.


Low Fluro Hand Wax

To top it all off we finish the tune with a long-lasting low fluoro wax that’s temperature specific for your needs giving you superior glide on the slopes.



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