Never Wax Again 2.0 | DPS Phantom Glide

Never Wax Again 2.0 | DPS Phantom Glide

Rider: Piers Solomon | Location: Engelberg | Photo credit: DPS Skis

Last season, DPS shook up the ski industry with their patented PHANTOM treatment. A permanent, one-time application, waxless base treatment.

This season, DPS has released Phantom 2.0. They've innovated quicker curing times, created specialized stations for professional ski shops, and made PHANTOM 2.0 "slightly faster than the original formula across all snow conditions." There are THREE main reasons why going waxless should be considered.

Ascent Outdoors is excited to offer this service to our customers and skiers in the Seattle area! Our full-service ski shop is located in our Seattle location. While our Redmond store is not currently equipped for this treatment, we hope to change this for future ski seasons. 


Whether your skis are new, or well loved, Phantom can be applied. It saturates through the entire base, making it extremely convenient for YOU! If you take your skis or snowboard in for a tune or base grind with Phantom applied, you simply unleash the next layer of PHANTOM. 

Normal wax is an applied topical layer to your skis or snowboard, that will immediately begin to wear. Wax requires continual maintenance to maintain its performance.


"PHANTOM is faster across all conditions over time because its performance is consistent: you never suffer the glide degradation that occurs when conventional wax wears away" - DPS

The best part? If you do want to wax for specific snow temperatures, you can apply your favorite  wax over a PHANTOM base for high performance skiing! When it wears off, you'll simply be gliding on the PHANTOM base. 


"Today's snow is tomorrow's water."

PHANTOMS delivery method of their fluorocarbon functional groups ensures that no biological damage occurs, meaning that there are no long-term environmental risks with this treatment. 

Learn more about the benefits of PHANTOM Waxless Glide with the video below:

Phantom 2.0 – A New Era, The New Standard from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.