Mountaineering Boots: A Shopping Guide

Mountaineering Boots: A Shopping Guide

If there's one thing you need to get right, it's your footwear. This is why we place a priority in helping you find the right pair of boots that not only work for the conditions, activities, or trips you would like to take, but one that fits your foot perfectly. To help you navigate the world of mountaineering boots we have divided our selection in to three categories: light alpine boots, 3-season boots and 4-season boots. 


Light Alpine Boots

Let's face it. If there is one constant to climbing here in the Cascades, it's the long approaches.  Packed in dirt trails, situated in the lower elevations eventually lead to steep granite ridge lines protruding through permanent high elevation glaciers. Having a boot that offers enough flexibility for those dirt trails, still takes a crampon, is stiff enough for firm snow, and still has solid edge-ability for those steep rock ridges is why light alpine boots tend to be made for the true alpine warrior. 

Scarpa Zodiac Plus

Fantastic, nimble scrambling boot. Medium volume fit. Comfortable, form fitted, soft-shell in-step, with an internal waterproof Goretex lining.  Available in men's & women's


Salewa Rapace GTX 

The third iteration of one of our best selling boots within the last 8 years. Increased durability overall with the addition of more leather components with added traction. This boot features an internal waterproof Goretex lining. Available in men's & women's. 


Three-Season Mountaineering Boots 

Glaciated volcanoes make the Pacific Northwest the premier location for mountaineering in the United States. The three-season mountaineering boots tend to offer a little more rigidity than the light alpine boots, yet they still provide a decent amount of rocker in the sole for walking on hard surfaces.


Salewa Raven 2

Best selling 3-season mountaineering boot. Very supportive but nimble. Waterproofed for all glacier travels with a Goretex lining. Available in men's & women's. Also available to RENT. 

Salewa Vultur

People with wide feet, look no further. The Vultur is a unisex full leather boot boasting an internal Goretex waterproof lining. It's wider than average stature caters to those who struggle finding the perfect boot to fit their wider than average foot. Click here to check it out.

Garmont Tower LX GTX

Versatile, lightweight and agile boot for technical alpine routes, via ferrata and backpacking on challenging terrain. Ideal for technical mountaineers and modern backpackers who prefer a versatile and light set up. Available in both men's & women's. 

Garmont Ascent GTX

 A versatile men's boot for the fast mountaineer who appreciates light weight and stable performance on mixed terrain. 


Four-Season Mountaineering Boots

From the glaciated volcanoes to steep ice climbing in Alberta, four season mountaineering boots are the vehicle for almost any mountain adventure. These warm, insulated boots tend to offer a flat sole, making them ideal for taking automatic crampons and kicking steps in firm snow. 

Scarpa Mont Blanc

A great insulated 4 season mountaineering boot for Cascade volcanos or steep ice in Montana. Available in women's only. 

La Sportiva Nepal Cube

We are told by the reps that these amazing insulated mountaineering boots take a month to craft using the workforce of Italian shoe makers.  These boots reward the owner with treated Perwanger leather, insulated Gore-Tex membrane, and compatibility for everything from climbing up to camp Muir to vertical ice walls. Available in men's & women's  


As always FIT is the most important component to finding the right pair of boots. A great fitting pair of boots will be unnoticed on the trail, as they complete their jobs with precision. Shoes that do not fit correctly quickly become the menace to your outings, and overshadow what could have been an excellent adventure. Come in to the shop and we will gladly help find the right boot that fits your needs as well as your foot. 

Till next time - AO