How To Beat the Heat

How To Beat the Heat

When it comes to weather, Seattlites are experts in doom and gloom. Almost 10 months out of the year, we have our wardrobe finessed to warm and dry. However, when it comes to sunshine and hot weather everyone asks, "What do we do to keep cool?!" Have no fear, Ascent Outdoors is here with a fool-proof blog packed full with products to help you beat the heat! 

The Tools You Need

When it comes to the sun, we need all the coverage we can get. Some of the most important attributes we looked for in our go-to gear is moisture wicking, UPF sun protection, and comfort.

The Outdoor Research Sun Runner


This Outdoor Research hat has been designed to specifically help you beat the heat. This hat features 50+ UPF sun-protection, breathable side mesh panels to combat a sweaty head, and a removeable sun skirt. Whether you're hiking, trail running, or just trying to do your errands sunburn free, this hat may be exactly what you're looking for. If you're interested in shopping this hat, click HERE!






Patagonia Duckbill Hat



 The Patagonia Duckbill hat quickly became the rival to OR's Sun Runner. The Patagonia hat is a light, and breathable go-to hat for when the sun comes out. It'll be tough to find a better ventilated, moisture-wicking hat. Ever get tired of sweat dripping into your eyes while out on the trail? That will be no more when this hat sits on your head. The front portion does an excellent job of soaking up sweat, and when it does get filled to the brim (literally), sweat will drip off the soft-foamed  bill of the hat rather than soak your eyes! The soft construction of the hat will also allow you to wring out any moisture it carries. Click here to shop for the hat!



Outdoor Research  ActiveIce Sun Sleeves

ActiveIce Sun Sleeves

When dealing with the sun, we often find ourselves thinking "less is more". There's a reason we wear bathing suits to the beach, shorts when we run, and tank tops in our every day lives, right? However, like every good rule, there will always be an exception. In this case, the exception to "less is more" are OR's Sun Sleeves. These bad boys will protect even the palest of us from scorching sun burns, while keeping you cool. The moisture wicking fabric partnered with UPF 50 + protection will quickly become a favored accessory while being active outside. Click here to shop! 





The North Face No Hands Arm "Warmers" 

The first thing you may think when you read that this item is a must for beating the heat is, "these things are suppose to WARM me?! I'm already too hot!". Fear not, although they're called arm warmers, they are comparable to Outdoor Researches ActiveIce sleeves. These sleeves feature flat-locked seams to reduce chafing, and boast a UPF protection of 50. Whether you're running, biking, or hiking, these guys will keep you chillin. Shop these sleeves here!






21 Ounce Hydro Flask


After a long, hot day on the trail, what's the nicest treat you could imagine? A nice cold beverage perhaps? Fill any hydroflask with ice the morning you leave, and leave the heavy bottle in your car! It may get roasting in there, but the double walled insulation in this bottle will keep your water ice cold, thus allowing for you to have a beautiful cold treat at the end of your hike! Shop our rainbow of hydroflasks here!