NEW Black Diamond Climbing Shoes

NEW Black Diamond Climbing Shoes

Finally.... Your Rack is Complete

We are excited to now be carrying the much anticipated Momentum climbing shoe from Black Diamond. Learn more about what makes Black Diamond's new lineup so unique. 

Five years. That’s roughly how long the designers here at BD have been working to create our unique line of climbing shoes. Featuring Engineered Knit Technology and a unique molded rubber, our climbing shoes are designed to provide unparalleled comfort with exceptional performance. 

Molded Rubber

Applying their metal background to the shoe world, the team’s first big break-through was inspired by the way BD carabiners are forged.  

“Instead of just die-cutting a sheet of rubber, we’re taking raw material and essentially molding it into a controlled shape, where we control the geometry, the recipe for the rubber, the heat, pressure, and thickness,” says Kasey. “Basically, we’re pulling all the levers, and you have to be way more ‘in the weeds’ for that.”

 The benefit of this approach to climbing shoe rubber is that each mold is individually created to fit together—unlike the trace, trim and hand-grind method. This allows us to vary the weight, thickness and consistency of each mold to enhance our rubber’s overall comfort, durability and performance. 

Engineered Knit Technology


What the team discovered is an “Engineered Knit” upper that provides stretch where you need it, support where it matters, and exceptional breathability. The process to create this knit material once again relies on having complete and total control of the manufacturing process. 

Molded Midsole

Thanks to a molded midsole, our shoes will hold their shape much longer than competitors’. And once again, this is an example of getting deep in the weeds and engineering the heck out of the shoes.

The midsoles are constructed with Pebax plastic, which Kasey believes has the best memory and keeps its shape. That’s why a high-quality ski boot is made of Pebax, he says.

That means over time, no matter how many hours you spend teching your way up slabs, running laps in the gym, or crimping on the boulders, your BD climbing shoes will retain their shape. 

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