Arc'Teryx Sample Sale

Arc'Teryx Sample Sale

If you're a men's or women's size medium then you're in luck! We just received a new shipment of Arc'Teryx samples and they're all 30% off. 

What are samples?

Samples are products that the salesperson or manufacturer takes with them to show off at outdoor shows, events and to retailers. At the end of the season, they sell their sample product to us which means you get the opportunity to own a quality piece for a fraction of the price. The only caveat is that they typically only come in one size. In this case, with Arc'Teryx, they are all men's medium & women's medium. 

The quality is the same in a sample and we have a wide array of jackets, hoodies, baselayers and pants. Below are a few of the gems worth seeking out: 

Cerium LT Hoody

Alpha SL Jacket

Gamma LT Hoody

Konseal Hoody


Alpha FL Jacket