A Letter From Sandeep Nain, Owner of Ascent Outdoors

A Letter From Sandeep Nain, Owner of Ascent Outdoors

Dear Ascent Outdoors Customers,

Over the last several weeks, I've been watching the world unfold into something I, or anyone for that matter, never could have imagined since reopening Ascent Outdoors last May. 

It's hard to believe it was just less than a year ago when I decided to become involved in bringing back the store. I was nervous beyond belief leading up to the day the doors opened, but the response and outpouring of support was incredible, making it the best beginning anyone could've asked for in starting a new chapter. The response truly compounded my feelings that Ascent -whether you remember it as Second Ascent or Ascent Outdoors- has always been a place for the community, supported by the community, and flourished as a result of its community.

Fast forward to the present and the world is suddenly a different place. Last year, there was some predictability in if we upheld the commitment in providing the best in customer service, gear, and community involvement, we could ensure the future of the shop. Now, the horizon seems to be changing in a way no one can predict. The store is now at a point where it's not only mandated to close the doors as a non-essential business, but the developments over the weeks regarding COVID-19 has made it difficult to keep the doors open in general. 

Today, I write in asking our loyal customers to remember what it was like the first time Ascent Outdoors shuttered its doors after 23 years, and how the community rallied in its return. While I have no doubt that we as a country will make it through the challenging times ahead, I have to say it’s been ominous to see businesses struggling to stay afloat, with many not able to survive at all. I am optimistic that the outdoor community, as well as our family and friends, will take a step up in supporting and keeping their local gear shop open. 

Thank you.


Sandeep Nain