X-Gyro Leash


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NOTE: Load-bearing climbing equipment is non-returnable. More details, including our full return policy are available HERE.

The innovative X-Gyro™ lanyard system uses a patented swivel design that allows eachattachment point (harness + left axe + right axe) to rotate completely independently fromthe others. This means no more tangles and no more twisting. The rewind elastic webbingcords stretch easily for swinging and contract back to their original length to keep themout of the way. Attachment to the axe can be done in two ways. For maximum security,use the loop of cord to girth-hitch the spike or handle of the axe. Or make it easy to attachand detach the axes with two small connecting carabiners included. Available in two lengths to fitall climbers.


  • Features the innovative Gyro™ swivel that allows three connection points to rotateindependently of each other so twists and tangles are virtually eliminated
  • Elastic rewind lanyards automatically contract to their short length to stay out of the waywhile climbing
  • Axes connect with carabiners (included) or small loops of cord for girth-hitching
  • Available in two lengths to fit all climbers

Size 1: 130g, 4.6oz
Size 2: 140 g, 4.9oz

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