Tubbs Wilderness Men's Snowshoes


Tackle any adventure you dream up with the men's Tubbs Wilderness snowshoes, which deliver the perfect blend of tech, comfort and convenience. Their 180™ EZ Pro bindings provide pressure-free comfort.
-Streamlined 180 EZ Pro bindings feature a simple, one-buckle tightening mechanism, coupled with easy-to-use Control Wings™ and heel straps for efficient, lightweight support
-Carbon steel Cobra™ toe crampons, located under the balls of the feet, provide constant contact in variable snow conditions
-Their jagged tooth construction improves grip on packed snow and ice
-Innovative, upturned tails of the aluminum Fit-Step™ frames provide biomechanical benefits, reducing musculoskeletal impact on hip, knee and ankle joints by 10%
-These boast the same reliable traction as the Panoramic snowshoes

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