Tricam Evo


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The Tricam Evo is a logical evolution of the tried & true, time-proven Tricam. Some simpleåÊengineering provides a second chock possibility giving the Tricam Evo three (instead of theåÊhistoric two) placement possibilities making it even more versatile. The wider section atåÊthe top of the head that creates the extra taper will also lend additional stability in cammedåÊplacements. The Tricam Evo will be available in four sizes from 0.25 to 1.5. åÊNaturally, the Tricam Evo also features the new stiffened slings where we carry the inneråÊband of webbing further towards the head using a new stitch pattern to create a naturallyåÊstiffer sling that makes one-handed placements easier, but still engages the cam in activeåÊmode and will even increase durability over sharp edges with the additional layer


  • Three placement modes: active cam and 2 passive chocks
  • Works where nothing else can fit, such as solution pockets
  • Excellent in horizontal cracks
  • Features new, stiffer sewing on the slings for easier one-handed placement andåÊextraction


Range Strength
3 Chock
0972025 13.5 åÊ23 5 5 5
097205 17 27 8 8 8
097210 21 32 10 10 10
097215 27 40 14 14 14

0972025 (0.25) ‰ÛÒåÊ17 g, 0.6 oz
097205 (0.5) ‰ÛÒ 29 g, 1.0åÊoz
097210 (1.0) ‰ÛÒ 37 g, 1.3 oz
097215 (1.5) ‰ÛÒ 57 g, 2.0 oz

Category: Nuts, protection

Type: Climbing

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