Tommy Caldwell Pro Dry Duotec 9.6Mm


This Bi-Pattern rope sports a high sheath proportion making it ideal for working routes or big walls. Exceeds the UIAA Dry Standard.

  • DuoTec braiding technology changes the sheath pattern during production to permanently mark the middle of the rope
  • Pro Dry treatment applied to both the core and the sheath passes the UIAA water-repellent test by absorbing less than 2% of the rope's weight in water
  • Thermo Shield treatment employs a heat process to stabilize individual yarns, ensuring the rope stays supple throughout its working lifetime
  • 3D lap-coiled so you can use it right away, without kinking and tangling
  • bluesign® approved; its manufacturing uses 62% less CO2, 89% less water, 63% less energy consumption and 63% fewer chemicals compared to common ropes
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