Tecnica Zero G Tour


The power of lightness. To date, ski touring has involved compromising downhill performance to save on weight. Those days are now over. The Zero G Tour W weighs just 1,500 grams and boasts a 55° range of motion in hike mode. A 4-buckle design with a true flex of 105 makes the Zero G Tour W a great downhill performer. So, feel free to go farther, higher, bigger, and faster. Live the Moment with the Tour W.


Customization Shell: C.A.S.

Soles: ISO 9523 with low tech inserts, VIBRAM rubber

Shell: PU

Cuff: PP

Liner: Pro Light W with laces

Buckles: 4 light Magnesum

Spoiler: no

Powerstrap: 35mm strap

Canting: NO

Extra Features: Forward Lean Adjustment

Ratchets: double hitching hook

Mobility Cuff: Double Hook Self Adjusting System.

Type: Snowsports

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