Snow Peak Cookset and Stove Rental Ballard

  • $ 15.00


We rent the Snow Peak Titanium Trek 900 and GigaPower Auto Stove as a set. This cookset is compact and and extremely lightweight. It includes a fry pan that can double as a lid for the pot or be used as a small plate. A compact, powerful and reliable backpacking stove, the GigaPower Auto has been Snow Peaks most popular and trusted stove model for more than a decade.

*Fuel not included in rental* 

Cookset Specs

Material Titanium
Weight 6.2 oz (175g)
Dimensions Pot: D 4.75" H 4.25" Frying Pan: D 5", H 1.5" (Pot: 120*107mm, Frying Pan: 127*39mm)
Contents Include Titanium Pot and Lid with Mesh Bag
Capacity 30 fluid oz
Size Stowed D 5" H 5.5" (130*140mm)

 Stove Specs

Material Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass
Output 10,000 BTUs
Boil Time 4 Min. 48 Sec. / 1 Liter
Burn Time 110 Gram Fuel: 50 Min. On High, 250 Gram Fuel: 85 Min. On High
Weight 3.75 oz (106g)
Dimensions D 4.2" H 2.6"
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