Mountaineers Books 100 Classic BC Ski & Snowboard Rts


* Challenging routes for intermediate and advanced backcountry skiers and snowboarders
* Includes many Washington tours easily accessible from the Seattle area
* Includes backcountry day and multi-day tours
* Illustrated with 80 photos and 80 maps

With more than 100 backcountry Washingotn routes and tours for intermediate to advanced alpine skiers and snowboarders, Burgdorfer's guide was for many years the only reference to these adventures. Each trip description details the best times to go. including year-round opportunities, access, starting elevation and high point, tour length and time, maps, level and type of skill required, and permit information. Special sections cover avalanche conditions, snow survival, environmental considerations, weather, equipment, and techniques. A seasonal cross-reference table helps readers select tours by season.

by Rainer Burgdorfer

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