Mammut Alugator Light Shovel Rental Ballard

  • $ 8.00


New for the '17-'18 winter season, we rent the Mammut Alugator Light avalanche shovel. Weighing in at exactly 1 pound, this is Mammut's lightest shovel. The telescoping shaft's oval profile and the blade's double-welded construction make this an extremely durable and powerful shovel despite its weight. It will fit in any pack and promises to make your work light and fast.

In a pinch, the blade's attachment holes make it easy to construct a snow anchor or rescue sled. 

Extended length: 75 cm

Collapsed length: 54 cm

Shaft length (collapsed): 37 cm

Blade length: 25 cm

Blade width: 21 cm

Weight: Yeah that's right, 1 pound (460 g)

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