HMS Nitro Lock Carabiner


One of the lightest locking carabiners in the world! The HMS Nitro Lock, featuring a newåÊrounded body shape and thinner gate, has been designed to maximize both safety andåÊperformance. The new design offers an optimal area for working with the Italian hitchåÊknot (HMS) and increases the strength in gate-open and minor axis positions. I-BeamåÊconstruction delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio while still maintaining a rope friendlyåÊradius. The keylock nose on the HMS Nitro Lock has also been profiled to fit flawlesslyåÊinto the tension release point on the Piu 2 belay device for releasing a second after they‰۪veåÊweighted the rope.


  • Our lightest and most compact belay carabiner
  • Rounded body shape and thinner gate
  • The new body shape also increases both open gate and minor axis strength
  • Keylock nose reduces snagging


Height (mm) : 104
WidthåÊ(mm): 74
Gate Opening (mm): 21
Major Axis (kN): 21
Minor Axis (kN): 9
Open Gate (kN): 7
Weight: 55 g, 1.9 oz

Category: Carabiners

Type: Climbing

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