Fischer RCR Skate Medium


Rcr Skate Medium:

The Rcr Continues To Be A High-Performance Alternative To The World Cup Range. The Aerodynamic Tip Shape And Dtg Wc Plus Finish Provide A Clear Gliding Advantage Over Longer Distances, While The Dependable Air Core Construction Reduces Weight And Provides A Fast And Stable Ride.


- Weight/Lenth: 2.6 lbs


Finish First:
- The Finishing Touch Now Comes From Finish First: The Term That Covers And Unites All The Individual Technological Steps In The Course Of The Final Treatment Of The Base.

- Infrared Preparation With Fluoride-Content Hot Wax. Best Gliding Properties, Protection Against Dirt And Oxidation. Powered By Vauhti.

Precision Pairing System:
- The Next Generation In Ski Pairing: Fully Automatic Dynamic Measurements Of A Multitude Of Pairing Criteria Ensures Precise Ski Choice And Optimised Pairing.

Sidecut World Cup Skate:
- Arrow-Shaped Sidecut For Improved Performance And Dynamics Especially For The 1:1 Skating Technique.

Dtg World Cup Plus:
- Deeper And Coarser Plus Structure, Ideal For Warm And Moist Conditions. Produced Using Natural Diamond.

Power Edge:
- Reinforced Ski Chassis Ensures Longer Service Life. Homogeneous Pressure Distribution Ensures Uniform Wax Wear.

Skating 115:
-Special Camber And Snow Contact Points Further Apart From Each Other Mean Increased Stability And A More Powerful Kick Action On Hard Snow.

Air Core Basalite Pro:
- Extremely Lightweight And Torsion-Free Construction With Highly Stable Sidewalls. Volcanic Basalt Fibres For Minimum Weight And Perfect Flex Characteristics Regardless Of Temperature.

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