Dynafit Beast 98


The Beast 98 offers impressively strong downhill performance for unforgettable turns in powder and is at the same time easy handling on the climb. Compared to the prior model from Winter 2019-20, the wood core has been weight-optimized again (less 70 grams) and a totally new topsheet was developed. Nano technology keeps snow from accumulating on the topsheet. Less snow on the ski of course means less weight. Just say ‘no’ to sticky snow – keep your tours lighter and enjoy them to the fullest. The Beast 98 has a full ABS sidewall as well as an ash-poplar wood core for edge grip and stability and torsional rigidity. The wood core is responsive and lends the model outstanding damping and rebound properties, despite its light weight. At 1,450 grams (at 177 cm), the Beast 98 touring ski is well suited for longer ascents on the way to your perfect line. Meaning you can save your energy, and give your all on the downhill. This touring ski has Double Ellipse Rocker construction. This affects a variable edge length -- depending on the ski's edge angle -- and means light and maneuverable handling in the backcountry. In addition, the so-named Ride Tip -- a carbon core at the shovel -- improves chatter and vibration. Beast 98 – For unforgettable carving in powder.
-Average Width - 98 mm
-Gender - Male
-Productid - 08-0000048932

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