DPS Nina A99 with Radical 2.0 Demo Ballard

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Some say that DPS makes the best big mountain touring skis in the world. Indeed, the skis’ iconic shape, tapered sidecut, lightweight design and proprietary dampening additives do stand out. Combine that with the brand new Alchemist construction for the '17-'18 season and it becomes even harder to argue against their legendary performance.

Of DPS’ women’s-specific skis, the fatter Yvette A112 is tough to top in untracked snow and open bowls, and the Zelda A106 may present a versatile ride for many conditions, but the DPS Nina A99 far outshines its sisters in bumps, trees, and on groomers. The rocker profile, paddle-shape design and 99 mm waist still provide ample float in deeper snow, but the Nina’s narrower dimensions deliver unparalleled turn-initiation and maneuverability in tighter situations.

Alchemist is the next step in DPS' innovative approach to ski design. Considered a “full carbon” construction, Alchemist utilizes vibration-tuned carbon with premium aspen cores to produce a lighter yet damper and smoother ride in mixed and firmer conditions.

New for 2018, all of our DPS demo setups come with Pomoca Climb 2.0 skins. These mohair-mix skins are lighter and much more efficient than the typical nylon skins on the market, but don’t compromise on grip. What really sets these puppies apart, however, is the waterproof membrane between the fur and glue. When the fur eventually wets out, it won’t soak all the way through. Give these skins a try and let us know what you think.

These skis are mounted with Dynafit Radical 2.0 ST bindings. They pair well with our Dynafit Radical rental boots, but we can match them to any boot with “tech” style inserts in the toe and heel.*

Length: 168 cm

Weight Per Pair: 6 lb 13 oz

Dimensions: 125-99-111

Turning Radius: 16 m

As always, give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions.

*We will not pair skis with NTN boots or any other boots with bellows (eg. Scarpa F3).  

***ALL AT BOOT AND SKI RENTALS REQUIRE A COMPLEMENTARY BOOT-BINDING ADJUSTMENT BY ONE OF OUR TECHS. We also require that the end user pick up the equipment at the store to sign liability paperwork and receive instruction***

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