DownMat UL 7


DownMat UL 7 is the ultra light version of the DownMat 7, 20% lighter yet with identical insulating values. It does not feature an integrated pump but includes the Schnozzel Pumpbag for swift inflation. This is the ultra light version of the DownMat with identically high insulating properties but unmatched packed size and weight. Quick inflation with the innovative Schnozzel Pumpbag that doubles as a waterproof compression bag. The down fill reduces heat loss dramatically and the thick air cushion absorbs unevenness of the ground for superb comfort.


-24 C
7 cm
183 cm
Shoulder Width:
52 cm
Foot Width:
52 cm
Weight Mat:
575 g
Weight Pump:
60 g
Weight Packsack:
15 g
Packed height:
23 cm
Packed diameter:
11 cm
Pack volume:
2.2 l

Category: Sleeping Pad

Type: Camping

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