Atomic Maverick 86C Ski


On the lighter end of the Maverick line, the 86 C has a lot of benefits and not a whole lot of limitations. At 86 mm underfoot, the Maverick 86 C strikes a nice blend of carving performance and all-mountain versatility, and this will be excellent for intermediate and advanced skiers who are looking to make the most out of their ski day. In the longer length, the skis actually stand at 88 mm underfoot, so they’re competitive with the other ∼88’s on the market today. The poplar wood core is a good place to start for sure, since the skis are fairly light and simple otherwise. There’s a good amount of positive camber underfoot, so turns will be snappy and energetic, which is great for a lot of skiers from multiple levels and backgrounds. Steeps, bumps, trees, or groomers, the Atomic Maverick 86 C can really handle it all quite well. For the groomers, the poplar wood core is a good place to start, but Atomic doesn’t stop there, they add carbon stringers to the core, stiffening the skis and making them more responsive when loaded with energy. There’s a metal plate underfoot that makes the torsional stiffness of the ski a lot stronger, and while this plate is more of a binding retention and reinforcement plate, it does have a fair amount of performance value as well, and those aspects do make the ski feel a lot more substantial than the lighter weight may indicate.

Atomic Maverick 86c Specs:
* Sizes Available: 161, 176
* Dimensions: 128/88/109
* Turn Radius: 18.2m (176)
* Construction: Carbon Stringers with Metal Underfoot, HRZN Tips, Full Sidewall
* Core: Poplar Woodcore
* Sold Flat

Ski Notes:
* New Condition
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* Free Shipping (48 States)
* Pick-up available (Kingston Shop)

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