Virtually puncture proof
·       Material:  Laminated Spectra and Kevlar
·       Water Resistant  (treat seams with seam seal or they might leak)
·       Weight:  13oz
·       Capacity:  about 10.65 Liters  (approx. 5 days  of food for 1 person)
·       Additional Storage:  Above hoop & loop fastener and under cord enclosure
·       Cord:  6 foot–high tensile strength
·       Recommend:  Odor Barrier Bag  (OP Sak 12 x 20)

No need to choose between bear and critter protection. The Ursack AllMitey protects your food from all creatures great and small. While the standard Major and Major XL resist being torn by bears, it is prone to small (less than 1/4 inch) punctures/weave separations. The AllMitey is virtually puncture proof. Not only will it keep out bears teeth and claws it will thwart mice, raccoon, squirrels, pine martens and other sharp toothed critters. It is made with a patent pending laminated process that combines the Spectra used in our Major and Major XL and Kevlar correctional fabric–the kind used in prisons to thwart shivs. The AllMitey is also water resistant. However, the seams, unless treated with seam seal, could leak. The AllMitey weighs 13 ounces–almost twice as heavy as the Major–but much lighter than any canister. The inner bag, when sealed with the  closure, will hold about the same amount of food as our Major–650 cubic inches (10.65 liters). If packed only with freeze dried food, it will hold about 35 single servings of breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a bit of additional storage space above the hook and loop fastener and under the cord enclosure, but this area offers less protection while still preventing bears from getting a food reward. The AllMitey comes with an integrated six foot, high tensile strength, cord, which is designed to secure the opening and allow it to be tied to a fixed object like a tree branch. We always recommend using an odor barrier bag (OPSak 12 X 20). Our aluminum liner adds crush resistance, but that it usually not necessary unless you are unable to secure the AllMitey off the ground. Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Certification Number: 5135. Patent pending.

Category: Bear, Safety

Type: Camping

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