Aero 9 Skin Extra Stiff


Re-discover classic skiing with the Aero 9 Skin. It delivers grip and smooth glide without the challenge of daily waxing. The S-CUT shape gives you more control.

DGM - Digital Grinding Measurement

Our most precise Stone grinding and digital measurement ensure the optimum structure and depth for better performance on every condition.

Protective foil

protection of the fast Zeolit Base with world cup grind Prewaxed + prebrushed Anti scratch Anti oxidation + UV protection Easy to select and use on the flex bench (no scraping) Just remove the foil and brush again the ski.

Optimum mounting

World Cup Grinding

D2FC - Digital Dynamic Flex Control

  • WEIGHT: 1300g


  • Side Cut: 48/46/44/46

Category: Classic Nordic, Ski

Type: Snowsports

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