20L Worksack

Cilo Gear

Cilo Gear's simplest and smallest pack, the 20L Worksack is an amazingly well designed small backpack and a staff favoriteat Second Ascent. We've used it for trail running, hiking, climbing and just running around town and have yet to find an area where it didn't shine.

The 20L WorkSack rides between your shoulder blades, well out of the way of any harness stuff, ski poles or anything else that might be going on. The same pack mates onto any other CiloGear pack as an accessory pocket, and totally outperforms any other detachable pack or "lid/hip bag".

Secured with a zipper, the20L Worksack'sNinja pocket is big enough for your altimeter and energy bars for summit pushes or keys, sunscreen and your wallet for those high stress trips to town.

When using the pack for climbing, start at the car with your rack and lunch in the bag, your harness on your body and your helmet on your head. The rope can be carried backpack style. When you get to the cliff, put your approach shoes in the pack and load the rack onto your harness. You won't have to leave anything at the bottom of the cliff, and can complete a walk-off without doubling back to the start of the climb!

The 20L Worksack has been selected as an American Alpine Institute "Guides Choice", and has won the "Top Pick" on OutdoorGearlab.com

Please Note: These packs come in an unpredictable variety of colors. Yours may look different than the one in the photo! If you have color preferences, please contact us to see what the options are.

Making WorkSacks: Overview from CiloGear on Vimeo.

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